[Vortrag] Model Engineering: From Principles to Platforms

Posted on 17.02.2005 lva-infos

Das Wissenschafterinnenkolleg Internettechnologien der Fakultaet fuer Informatik der TU Wien laedt gemeinsam mit der Oesterreichischen Computer Gesellschaft zu folgendem Vortrag ein:

Model Engineering: From Principles to Platforms

Jean Bezivin, ATLAS Group (INRIA and LINA), University of Nantes, France

In November 2000 the OMG proposed a new approach to interoperability named MDA (Model-Driven Architecture). MDA is one example of the broader Model Driven Engineering (MDE) vision, encompassing many popular research trends like generative programming, domain specific languages (DSLs), model-integrated computing, model-driven software development, software factories, model management and much more. Considering models as first class entities and any software artefact as a model or as a model element is one of the basic principles of MDE.

The original motivation for this paradigm change in software engineering was the separation of concerns, mainly between platform dependent and platform independent parts of software systems. Progressively the operation of model transformation appeared as a key technology to map neutral and relatively stable business models to rapidly evolving technological platforms but also to relate DSLs in various other ways.

The present transition to model engineering will have probably a much deeper impact on software practices than the move from procedural to object technology that took place in the 80’s. However this is probably a long term evolution and many questions remain open today. There is an urgent need to understand more clearly the underlying MDE principles and to experiment with the mapping of these general principles onto operational platforms.
The talk will illustrate these questions with practical examples from the present state of the art.

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