Journey to the End of the Night

Posted on 02.08.2009 (netz-)kultur

Am Freitag, den 07. August 2009, um 20:00 Uhr findet die erste “Journey to the End of the Night” in Wien statt. Ausgangspunkt ist der Wiener Prater (siehe weiterführende Links).

Was ist das?

“Journey to the End of the Night is a free street game of epic proportion run by hard-working volunteers in cities around the world from London to Los Angeles. The game is a pursuit across the city in multiple parts. Players try to make it through a series of checkpoints as quickly and as stealthily as possible, while avoiding being caught by chasers. The first player to reach the endpoint without being tagged is the winner, though anyone who survives is deservedly praised and feted at the end. Those who fall become chasers themselves, rising to pursue their former friends and allies. Players may not use skates, bikes, or cars, only their feet and public transportation.”

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