Mobility Makeathon, 19. - 20. February

Posted on 14.02.2016 by wright

Mobility Makeathon #HackOnWheels
19. - 20. February at Happylab Vienna

If you’re interested in digital manufacturing or want to hack wheelchairs : Then participate in the Mobility Makeathon #HackOnWheels!

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It’s been done for bionic limbs, now why not for wheelchairs? During one and a half days of creative collaboration we will explore how digital manufacturing techniques (e.g. 3d printing, C&C milling, laser cutting) could revolutionize wheelchair design and transform the lives of the 65 million people worldwide who use them. All our results will be published under an open license.

Your collaborators will act as mentors, provide input and help out with projects, among them Peter Purgathofer (TU Wien), Stefan Kasberger (Open Knowledge Austria) and Rachael Wallach (director of a leading disability organization). The event is hosted by Erste Hub, BeeTwo and Factline , in cooperation with Open Knowledge Austria and Happylab.

Tickets are 100% free. T he infrastructure as well as materials to create prototypes and models will be provided. The organizers will also take care of food and drinks!

Friday, 19. Feb, 16:00 - 19:00

Saturday, 20. Feb, 10:00 - 19:00

atHappylab Vienna