Proficiency Evaluation Katharina SPIEL

Posted on 10.04.2016 by sburtscher

An der Fakultät für Informatik findet eine Proficiency Evaluation gemäß dem neuen Doktoratsverfahren statt. Die Studiendekanin der Fakultät für Informatik lädt zu dieser öffentlichen Präsentation mit anschließender wissenschaftlicher Aussprache in Raum EA 02 20 (Bibliothek des Instituts für Gestaltungs- und Wirkungsforschung, Argentinierstraße 8, 2. Stock) ein.

Thema: Contextualising Experiences of Autistic Children with Technologies

Abstract: Experiences in HCI are often assessed with prototypical users in mind. While some established concepts tie experiences back into everyday life, these concepts are applicable only to a limited range of life worlds and often fail to provide methods to reflect this. By looking at autistic children as a user group, my PhD work seeks to reevaluate existing concepts of technological experiences and broaden them in order to deepen the understanding of them. Next to this theoretical work, I will established a systematic methodological tool set assessing the experiences with technologies in a multi-faceted and more holistic way, which allows research into user experience to go beyond questionnaires and interviews in order to better consider its situated context. Through a series of case studies, I will show the feasibility of my approach.